Sizing Information

All Paper Theory patterns are currently available in UK sizes 6-20. Some Paper Theory patterns are also available in UK sizes 6-28.


*UPDATE: work is underway to add sizes  22-28 to all styles, however they will be added style by style. Please double check in the store your chosen pattern is available in your desired range before purchase to avoid disappointment.

Currently: the Miller Trousers, Zadie Jumpsuit, LB Pullover, and the Kabuki Tee are available in sizes 6-28. The Olya Shirt will have new sizes (22-28) added in added in the second half of 2020.


Please note, these measurements charts contain body measurements, not garment measurements. You will find finished garment measurements provided with each pattern.



Paper theory Imperial measurement chart



Please also take note of the finished garment measurement when choosing your size as there is generous ease added to most of the styles. 

Why are body measurements and garment measurements different? 

The finished measurements of a garment are usually bigger than the body measurement. The difference between the body measurement and the finished garment measurement is commonly referred to as "ease"

You need at least 3-5cm of ease in your garment just to be able to breath, a fitted garment usually has about 7-10cm ease added to the pattern. Paper Theory silhouettes are loose and relaxed, each pattern varies but they have between 20-30cm ease incorporated into the drafting so please bear this in mind and refer to the finished measurements when choosing your desired size.

What height are Paper Theory Patterns drafted for? 

A person who is 5’7” (170cm) talll.

Please take your height into account before cutting, especially if you are making jumpsuits or trousers, you may need to lengthen or shorten your overall length/body rise accordingly.

What Cup size are your patterns drafted for? 

Generally speaking, I draft my sample pattern for a size 14 person with a C cup. Then I have my patterns professionally graded down to a size 6 and up to a size 20. At size 20 I refit my base pattern again on a person with a D cup and grade up to a size 28.

However, please consider that Paper Theory patterns generally have a very relaxed and oversized fit, and cup size is not as important for our styles as total bust measurements are. Many people who regularly make full bust adjustments or small bust adjustments for other pattern companies find they do not need to so with our patterns if they are within two cup sizes, either up or down.